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Hello there, crazy ones

Zero Carbon Design is a small digital design agency working towards a big goal: a net-zero carbon emission world. Climate change needs innovation in all sizes, and we are here to help the crazy ones to imagine and build the best products possible.

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One guy

Hey it’s me, Hannu – I have 15+ years of experience from product design, web, software, brand, and design leadership. My work with many global customers has hopefully given me some insights that would benefit your project as well. I'm always ready to hear about your next big thing.

One mission

Support your team – whether you are working on that crazy big idea, or taking a more iterative approach with your climate change, environment or sustainability related project, 0CD is here for you. Let's figure out how to launch a desirable, feasible, and viable product.

One planet

There is no planet B – I really wanted to have a third element here for layout purposes, so I might as well state the obvious thing. Yes, we'll visit other planets some day. No, they will not save humanity. In the mean time we need to figure out how to un-███ this one.

Let’s talk!

Meeting people is easy, and so is getting in touch with Zero Carbon Design. Send an email to the above address, or see the other means of contact.

Other means of contact

Design Services

What could we do together?

We're happy to work with you on any design-related topics. We welcome small pre-seed projects, startups honing their product–market fit, and scaleups on their way to stars. Our expertise covers the whole process – from the first idea to the last pixel in place.

UX Design

Understand your customers, end-users, their goals and needs, their challenges, workflows etc. Without a solid understanding of your audience your product will miss its mark and provide a bleak user experience.

Concept & Prototype

Lean approach makes sense when you want to explore and pitch a new idea. A low-effort, high-fidelity prototype helps you validate your solution with potential customers before jumping into development.

UI Design

Get the details right – once you understand what generates value for your customers. Smooth, accessible and usable interfaces ensure your users get their stuff done and have a good time while using your product.

Other Services

Design leadership, design mentoring and B2B brand design are some of the things we also have a passion for at Zero Carbon Design. Additionally, our network of curated collaborators has also lots of expertise in e.g. native or web application development, and marketing.

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Design Portfolio

Looking for work examples?

We've prepared a portfolio to showcase selected B2B and Enterprise UX design projects, with some insights from each design process. We're happy to present it to you, or share it on request.

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